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The main part of the Hattrick menu “My club” is about your finances. Next to your financial overview, you will find an overview of your staff and arena, which also have a big financial impact). This, however, doesn’t mean that these sections will solely focus on the financialStadium side of your club, all relevant aspects are mentioned.
Here we will also cover one of the most interactive aspects of the game; the transfers.

Also things that don't concern your finances will be covered. The elements of your team's psychology, confidence, and team spirit, are dealt with in this section. If you always wondered why your team spirit never improved even if you won every match or when you want more information about the elements that influence your team's confidence, then you’re at the right place.

If that isn’t enough information and you're still hungry for more, you can try to collect achievements. Achievements were introduced as an alternative ranking for teams next to leagues and cups. Here you can find every possible achievement and how to get it. So if you want to go achievement hunting you came to the right place!