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HattrickAssistent was founded on November 22, 2008, as het personal website of Zoldon and his team, Yellow Red Emelgem. At first, this website only contained information about the team and the manager like, for example, leagueresults, transfers,... Quickly though, more informative content was added, this particularly as an extension to 'Het Antwoord Genootschap'. An extended dictionary was added, as well as a manual for PsicoTSI. In the beginning of 2009, we published the results of our first research: the weather.

2010 marked our major breakthrough. In cooperation with Roanus, an extensive manual for the most popular helper application, Hattrick Organizer, was made. The first day after its launch 200 visitors came to the website. The HO-manual would keep attracting most of our visitors in the years to follow. Since the international community should also be able to enjoy the manual, it was translated to English in March of the same year.

Most of the work was done, so starting from 2011 the most important thing to do was maintaining and updating the website when necessairy. A couple of new pages, like our research to find out the ideal stadium distribution and the Long Shots tool were added.

In 2013, time for a new big project had come: translating the whole website. Most of the website was translated to English in the months of January and February and in April a new page, containing interesting facts, was added in both languages. At the end of the year, in cooperation with SG1990, the HT-Survey 2.0 was started. This was a survey on Global, in which users were allow to give a score to all changes within the game during the last three years. The results may be published on this website later on.

The Summer of 2014 brought a new big project. To start with, the weather- and stadium research were updated with some new data and in September, Zoldon and SG1990 decided to take over the Mentoring Program in Belgium and the Netherlands. At the time, Zoldon already had some ideas to work out a more professional Mentoring Program, when SG1990 suggested to take over the Mentoring Program. The beginnerguide on this website is one of the most important steps towards a well and efficiently functioning Mentoring Program.

Works on the Mentoring Program hadn't finished yet when, by the end of the year, a new urgent project showed up. As Het Antwoord Genootschap announced they would cease to exist, Zoldon decided to take over all information and publish it here. In the course of November en December everything was transferred and adjusted where necessairy.

2015 would become a busy year too. In February a first big project was finished when the results of the Hattrick Survey 2.0 were posted online. Next to that, the Mentoring program had to be worked out, but we also aimed to expand this site where needed and, if possible, some researches would get an update. By the end of February, however, Hattrick announced an Mentoring program, which meant all further efforts to get our own program up and running would be useless.


  • Miscellaneous: Zoldon is the manager of the Belgian team Yellow Red Emelgem since April 2007. His first step in the Hattrick universe were in early 2006.
  • Knowledge and experience: Playing the game seriously has not interested Zoldon for a long time. He rather spent his time in federations and on the different forums. He has been website administrator in 'Het Antwoord Genootschap' for a while and after a period of Shooting-training and playing Long Shots he's become one of the references in this field. He shares his knowledge and experience about the game on the different forums, as well as on his own website, 'HattrickAssistent', where he offers the only manual for Hattrick Organizer. At the end of 2013, he started the HT-Survey 2.0 together with SG1990, in which he tried to prove Hattrick is doing well, despite the amount of complaints on the forums.
  • Contribution to this website: Zoldon is the owner of this website and maintains it since the end of 2008. All manuals are written by himself and all researches are done by himself. Eventual help with these is mentioned on the page of that manual/research. The -in origin English- beginnerguide was read by Zoldon and adjusted where necessairy. Some parts were added. Zoldon eventually made the Dutch translation and made sure the guide was published on this website.
  • Contact: [userid=6276339], [teamid=1544768], hattrickassistent[AT]


  • Miscellaneous: SG1990 is the manager of the Belgian team AEK Athena since the Summer of 2012. He has experience within Hattrick since 2005 though.
  • Knowledge and experience: During his active carreer he has build up a lot of knowledge and experience. He shares these through his beginnerguide on the national forum of Ghana. Besides this, he is a U17-scout for the Ghanaian National Team. In cooperation with Zoldon, the HT-Survey 2.0 was started in 2013. Here, users were given a chance to give points to all changes within Hattrick of the last three years.
  • Contribution to this website: SG1990 made the initial step for the beginnerguide. He made the English beginnerguide en published it on the national forum of Ghana. In cooperation with Zoldon, a Dutch version was made.
  • Contact: [userid=12324933], [teamid=320965]