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HattrickAssistent, HattrickAssistent is a site with information about HattrickAssistent doesn’t have economic interests and is not registered as a foundation., is a webgame maintained by ExtraLives AB, residing in Stockholm, Sweden.


The majority of the imagery on this website can also be found on the website and is used by permission of This imagery is protected by copyrights belonging to

All other information, including, but not limited to, texts, research and charts is protected by HattrickAssistent copyrights.

Managers can redistribute the information that is disclosed by us freely, for instance on the questions forums. When parts of this website will be integrated into your own projects you have to ask the HattrickAssistent webmasters for permission. You can use the contactform for this.

It is prohibited by law to use the disclosed information without permission and will be dealt with accordingly.

Finally we want to emphasize that you are fully authorized to use this information on Hattrick itself, as well as copying or quoting pieces of text to, for instance, the questions forum. The only restriction we enforce is using this information on your own website.