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Note: Items that are lined through indicate a (recent) change, making them no longer up-to-date.


AIM Attack In the Middle. Your team will focus on attacking through the centre of the field, rather than using the wings. This tactic will weaken your wing defence.
AM All Midfield. A playing style which mainly focusses on midfield.
AO All Offensive. A playing style that focuses on midfield and attack. An option is to give you wingers and defenders the order to attack.
AOA All Out Attack (See AO)
AOW Attack On Wings. This weakens your central defence.


Ban A temporary removal of all forums or the game if you do not follow the rules. If this happens often you can get a permanent ban.
Bidwar Several teams bidding against each other for a player to buy.
BOT A team managed by Hattrick. After a manager hasn't logged in for 7 weeks, the team becomes ownerless. Such teams become BOT in week 1, week 8 and week 15. They will then keep playing a 4-4-2 line-up with bad players until a new manager takes over the team. In the lowest two divisions, an ownerless team can immediately receive a new mangarer without turning BOT first.
Bug An error in the game that causes a function not to work (properly).
Bug report A report sent to the GameMasters concerning a bug.


CA 1 - Counter Attack. By using this tactic you choose to give ball possession to your opponent, while trying to make a fast counter-attack. This will reduce your midfield by about 7%.
2 - Central Attack
CD 1 - Central Defender
2 - Central Defense
CHPP 1 - Certified Hattrick Product Provider. This is a license granted to external tools and sites that serve the Hattrick community.
2 - The prefix of staff members that manage CHPP licenses
Clown A popular player with good leadership. Previously it was assumed that such a player had a positive impact on the team spirit. HT's have admitted that a clown is a myth.
CM Central Midfielder.
Confusion Confusion may occur when a team with insufficient experience plays a formation in which experience is low. Confusion can be avoided by establishing a high formation experience or a high team experience.
Cupfighter A team that gives everything to win the cup, often after several seasons of saving money.


Daytrading Buying players below their price and selling them with profit as quickly as possible.
Def. 1 - Defender
2 - Defence
DFW Defensive Forward
DIM Defensive Inner Mid
Divinetrick Buying one or more divine players to achieve a certain goal: winning a particular match, league title, Hattrick Masters, ...
DWB Defensive Wing Back


ECD Extra Central Defender
EFW Extra Forward
EIM Extra Inner Midfieder


Farmteam A team that sacrifices everything for one or more players of a national team.
FC 1 - Future Coach
2 - FlagChasing
Fed Federation. A feature for HT-Supporters.
Flash Mob A group of people who agree to post a particular message somewhere at a given time. This is of course forbidden.
FTW Forward Towards Wing
FW Forward


GB Guestbook. A feature for HT-supporters.
GE Game Engine. The computer that leads Hattrick by planning matches, starting processes, ...
This is not the same as the Match Engine!
GK 1 - Goalkeeper
2 - Goalkeeping
GM GameMaster. A Hattrick user who is appointed to take care of the smooth running within Hattrick. The tasks of the GMs include validation of new applications, answering e-mails and messages and investigating possible cheaters.
Grifo Match A match in which nothing happens. The name is derived from Grifo, a Dutch manager who was the first to experience a Grifo match.


Headskill The most important skill of a certain player. There are eight of them: playmaking, winger, scoring, goalkeeping and defending.
HO! The abbreviation of Hattrick Organizer, the most used helper application for Hattrick.
HT 1 - The abbreviation for Hattrick.
2 - The prefix of members of the Hattrick-staff.
HT-Live The built-in way to watch your game live.
HT-Mail The built-in mailsystem.
HT-Supporter Hattrick-Supporter is a voluntary contribution to the game. With this money, the HT's can further develop the game to make it more enjoyable for the user.
By buying HT-Supporter you don't get any advantage in the game, you only get access to some nice extras such as statistics, press announcements, logos and -for many peoply the most important- the federations and their associated forums.


IM Inner Midfielder
IMTW Inner Midfielder Toward Wings
Individual orders These orders will make a player play more defensive, attacking, to the wing or to the center. Individual orders can change during the match.


At the moment there are no known words starting with this letter. If you know a word, please contact me in Hattrick or through the contactpage.


k The abbreviation for 1.000. €10.000 will thus become 10k
Kamikazeteam A team that gives everything to achieve a particular goal (cup, Hattrick Masters, ...) and then goes bankrupt due to high wages. This can be compared with 'divinetrick'.


LA 1 - The prefix for a Language Administrator. This is a Hattrick user who translates the official Hattrick texts. These staffmembers receive their prefix when the language is active, not while it is still being developed.
2 - Left attack
LD 1 - Left Defence
2 - Logo Designer. HT-Supporters have the possibility to add a logo to their teampage. These logos are often made by users who do this for fun, mostly in exchange for support for their team.
Lock A user can be locked when seriously breaking the rules, for example by having more than one team. The team is locked and the user can't login anymore. He will the have the change to dispute the decision through mail. The final decision will be made by the GM's.
LS 1 - Leadership
2 - Long Shot. Your players will go for a long shot rather than playing the whole attacking sequence through. By playing this tactic, your attack and midfield will get a bit worse.


M The abbreviation for million. 1.000.000 becomes 1M.
ME Match Engine. The computer that calculates matches within Hattrick based on line-ups, tactics, ...
MF Midfield
MOD The abbreviation for a Moderator. This is a user which ensures the order on the forum. He can also lock and move topics.
MOTS Match Of The Season. In a match with MOTS, the midfield will perform about 15% better. The team spirit will decrease with 50%.
MS Multiskill. Combining multiple (useful) skills for the same player, which makes him as complete as possible. In practice this means at least two high skills. The main advantages over players with only one skill are a relatively low wage combined with a relatively high performance and greater tactical options.
MyHT My Hattrick. This is Hattrick's startpage. On this page you can find an overview of announcements, recent events at the club, team news, club statistics and the status of the server.


Newbie A new manager who still has to learn a lot.
NT National Team
NTA National Team Administrator. A GM dealing with the national teams. This could for example be releasing NT-players that are in a BOT-team.
NTC Non-Tactical Counter. Even without using the counter-tactics, there is a small chance of a counter. This is called an NTC. This may also happen when you got a higher midfield.


OCD Offensive Central Defender
OIM Offensive Inner Midfielder
Osmosis training The name for the 18% of training every player receives eventhough he is not playing on a trainingsposition.
Overconfidence Overconfidence is a phenomenon that can occur when a highly placed team plays against a lowly placed team. If the gap is at least five places and a the higher placed team has a high confidence, overconfidence may occur. The involved team will perform a bit worse. Depending on the score at halftime, overconfidence can (partially) dissapear.
OW Offensive Winger
OWB Offensive Wing Back


PA Press Announcement. A feature for HT-supporters.
PB Pull Back. Depending on the score in a match, the winning team might decide to defend that lead rather than to try to score some more goals.
PC Play Creatively. By using this tactic, your players will try to more use their specialities and other attributes. This will weaken your defence.
PIC Play It Cool. In a match with PIC, the midfield will perform about 15% worse. The team spirit will increase with 33%.
PIN Play It Normal. The players will perform at their normal level. The team spirit will not change.
PM 1 - Playmaking
2 - Private Message
PoE Paradise on Earth. The highest team spirit level.
Pop A skill increase
PsicoTSI A helperapplication for Firefox which helps determining the subskill.


At the moment there are no known words starting with this letter. If you know a word, please contact me in Hattrick or through the contactpage.


RA Right Attack
RD Right Defence
Regainer A very rare specialty that allows players to heal faster.


SC Scoring
SE Special Event. These are events that happen thanks to the attributes of the players, especially the specialities.
Sideskill A skill that can be useful in combination with his mainskill, eg passing.
Skill In Hattrick there are 8 skills, being stamina, playmaking, winger, scoring, keeper, passing, defending and set pieces.
Skilldrop The lowering of a skill. This can occor when a player is at least 27 years old or in case of high skills.
Skilltrading Buying players who pop in a short period at the club. Such players are bought when they have a high subskill. They wil pop after one training so they can be sold with profit. With a lot of experience you can estimate the skill, mostly based on the wage.
SP Set Pieces
Spec The abbreviation of speciality. There are 6 of them: Header, Technical, Powerful, Quick, Unpredictable and Regainer.
Stacked Wing The strengthening of a wing with at least 2 players.


TC 1 - Transfer Compare
2 - Team Confusion
3 - Team Confidence
TDDO Top Division Drop Out. Falling out of the top divisions.
tDFW Technical Defensive Forward
TI Trainingsintensity. This is how hard your players train. It is recommended to always set this on 100%.
TL Transferlist
TM Towards Middle
TPE Transfer Price Evaluation. To know what a player is worth you should look here.
Trainee A player currently being trained
TS 1 - Teamspirit
2 - Topicstarter
TSI Total Skill Index


U-20 The national team for players up to 20 years old.


At the moment there are no known words starting with this letter. If you know a word, please contact me in Hattrick or through the contactpage.


WB Wing Back
WBTM Wing Back Towards Middle
WE Weather Event
WO Walk Over. When a team lines up less than 9 players, it causes a walk over. This means the opponent wins 5-0 and there will be no training for the team that caused the walk over. In case both teams have less than 9 players, the match ends 0-0.
WO-team A team that causes a WO every week.
WTM Winger Towards Middle


XP Experience


YA Youth Academy. Here you can train your own youth players. If you do well there may well be a future talent in your youth team.
YP Youth Pull. The player you can get out of you youth academy every week.
YS Youth Squad. Every week you can promote a player. The higher the level, the higher the chance of finding a future star.


At the moment there are no known words starting with this letter. If you know a word, please contact me in Hattrick or through the contactpage.