Beginnerguide | Nederlands


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My Hattrick

This will be the first page you see when logging in. It will not only give you an overview of all events within your own team, but also what happens in the Hattrick world in general.

My Club

These are the headquarters of your virtual football team! Here, you can tweak your preferences and you can manage your finances and staff. Very important if you want to become a good manager!

Senior Team

These are the guys that have the talents to put your tactical insight into practice. Field the right players, train them and win some titles!


The players are the future of your team. This can be through performance, as well as through transfers. Play matches, train the biggest talents and enjoy.


The Hattrick universe is way bigger than you might think in the beginning. Besides your own team, there happens a lot internationally and there are quite some things you can contribute to as well.


A very important part of the Hattrick-community are the different forums. Besides the federation forums, there are quite a few public forums too like, for example, the questions forums, national forums and CHPP-forums. Read more about these here!


Hattrick Supporter? Reward Points? Credits? Never heard of these? Discover here what exactly they are and how they can make your Hattrick experience better.


This is the page where you can get yourself informed, like checking out the manual of Hattrick itself.  Doing this might be a good idea, while waiting for your team to start playing well.


In this chapter, we will try help you find a good balance between your staff, players and finances. The training and youth team will also be discussed. This way, we hope to contribute to a nice future for you team!