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HattrickAssistent was founded to give you an answer to all your HT-related questions. This website was started by a manager who has built up a lot of experience, has a great knowledge about the game and wants to share that.

In 2014, this website has taken over all information from the well-known Dutch federation 'Het Antwoord Genootschap'. Managers with a lot of knowledge and experience within the game had gathered there back in 2007 and had started to collect all information, manuals, tips, tools,... concerning the game. This website tries to continue their great work.

At this moment we offer you:

  • Manuals about all aspects of the game.
  • A detailed beginnerguide.
  • Manuals about some helper applications.
  • Links to several useful tools and websites.
  • A dictionary explaining all the HT-specific words.

Happy exploring!