Matches | Nederlands


Every week, hundreds of thousands of matches are being played in Hattrick. For that matter, Hattrick could be considered as the largest Footbal Association in the World. But of course this is only a virtual game, simulating to be real. Hattrick tries in many ways to reproduce the reality, but for simplification they've also added certain features that don't even come close to reality.

Wedstrijden In this section, we are trying to explain the techical aspects of the game, which simulate the matches, as simple as we can. You want some advice on how to make your best line-up? Do you want to know why your player suddenly has red stars? Curious how your opponent managed to score a goal despite your much stronger defence? Or are you more interested in how the ratings are calculated? Searching for information about how you can recognize Special Events? That, and much more, can be found here.

Many things that are discussed here, are quite interesting. Not only for starting managers, but also for more experienced managers and those who call themselves experts. Everyone can learn from these texts. Have fun!