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Beware, all information about trainingspeeds are still the old data.

Training is a very essential part of Hattrick. If you want to win the Hattrick Masters (or set your goal slightly lower), then you'd better pay attention to your training. Without a proper training it will be nearly impossible to climb in the rankings.

Do you think you know everything about training? We bet we can still surprise you with some new information. Also the most experienced managers can learn a lot here!

First you'll find a guide that covers the effects of the various aspects of training. Advanced managers can find formulas that are generally accepted by the community to use for their own calculations. The novice manager will mainly be interested in the essentials and can take a glance at the corresponding data tables to find the relative training speeds.

In addition, you will find a list of all training types. This will include all the pros and cons of each training type. You can also read everything about the coaches.