Youth | Nederlands


In Hattrick, there are two ways to find new youthplayers: the scouting network and the youth academy. As the youth academy was added to the game later, the systems are often called 'the old youth' and 'the new youth' respectively. You have to choose one of the systems, using both systems is not possible. If you're using the scouting network, you won't be able to start a youth academy. Neither will you be able to pull a player through your scouting network if you already have a youth academy. We will here explain both youth systems.

We also present you a full overview of all possible sentences your youth trainer can use in his training reports. By grouping these sentences clear relations can be seen, which we will discuss here. Understanding the sentences and remarks is possibley the most useful tool to help you train your youth players. It is therefor recommended to a have a good look at these sentences while reading your training reports. This way you'll be able to train even more efficient!