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At the bottom of every matchreport you can find the ratings from both teams. These ratings are the most important values to estimate your winning chances. For that reason we are going to have a close look on how they are build-up and what the influence these ratings have.

Use of values

All over the site you find different formulas. In these formulas you need to fill in the height of some skills. When filling in these values you need to take think about two things:

  • Non-existent is not a whole level

    Several studies have that the values Hattrick gives to skills are not the real ones. The level non-existent is not a whole level, but is the absolute zero. This means all other levels are in fact one level lower.

  • Unknown sublevels

    Beside that, all the skills have hidden sublevels. You could possibly estimate the height for the skill you train, but for something like form this is almost impossible. When you're not sure about the sublevel is it most of the times wise to set the value halfway the skill (+0,5).
    This does not only apply for the skills, but also for things like teamspirit and confidence.

The above means you should use the values in the table below:

Level Min Max   Level Min Max
Non-existent   0.00   outstanding 9.00 9.99
disastrous 0.001 0.99   brilliant 10.00 10.99
wretched 1.00 1.99   magnificent 11.00 11.99
poor 2.00 2.99   world class 12.00 12.99
weak 3.00 3.99   supernatural 13.00 13.99
inadequate 4.00 4.99   titanic 14.00 14.99
passable 5.00 5.99   extra-terrestial 15.00 15.99
solid 6.00 6.99   mythical 16.00 16.99
excellent 7.00 7.99   magical 17.00 17.99
formidable 8.00 8.99   utopian 18.00 18.99
        divine 19.00  

In the matchratings you can also see the sublevels. These work as follows:

Level very low low high very high
minimum 0,00 0,25 0,50 0,75
maximum 0,249 0,499 0,749 0,999


Your players (or better, the skills of your players) are the base of you ratings. Besides the skills there are three other factors that are important, and each of these three decides how much of your skills are used. The three factors are:

  • Form

    Form bonus
    disastrous 30.5
    wretched 50.0
    poor 62.9
    weak 73.2
    inadequate 82.0
    passable 89.7
    solid 96.7
    excellent 100.0

    The form of a player decides how much of his skills he use. The influence of the form on the skills can be estimated with the following formula:

    ( [Form] / 7 ) ^ 0,45
    use the right values!
    source: Flattermann

    The table at the right shows the impact of form on the performance of a player.

  • Stamina

    stamina bonus
    disastrous 63,1%
    wretched 68,8%
    poor 74,1%
    weak 79,2%
    inadequate 84,1%
    passable 88,9%
    solid 93,4%
    excellent 97,8%
    formidable 100,0%

    Besides the form, stamina also determines how much a player can use of his skills. Normally it will be a drop per minute but, to make things easier, the formula shown below is based on a whole match. The influence can best be estimated with the following formula:

    ( ( [stamina] + 6 ) / 14 ) ^ 0,6
    use the right values!
    source: Flattermann

    The table at the right shows the impact of stamina on the performance of a player.

  • Experience

    experience bonus
    disastrous +0
    wretched +0.40
    poor +0.64
    weak +0.80
    inadequate +0.93
    passable +1.04
    solid +1.13
    excellent +1.20
    brilliant +1.39
    supernatural +1.53
    mythical +1.64
    divine +1.73

    The third factor is experience. The more experienced a player is, the better he performes. The following formula can be used to estimate the influence of experience:

    log( [experience] ) * 4 / 3
    use the right values!

    The table at the right shows the impact of experience on the performance of a player. A player with passable experience will thus perform as if all his skills were one level higher.Because the influence of experience at higher level increases with smaller steps, we decided to make a couple of jumps starting at excellent experience.

Players' positions

Besides the above mentioned factors, the player's position also takes an important part in the calculation of the ratings. A player doesn't use the same amount of his skills at every position. Individual orders can also change the contribution. The following table shows the relative numbers per position.

Ratingcontribution per position
  midfield central defence wingdefence
  playmaking keeping defending keeping defending
K   89.77% 44.00% 59.67% 27.59%
CD 23.59%   100.00%   49.83%
OCD 31.81%   72.51%   36.48%
CDtW 16.49%   77.82%   68.78%
nWB 16.71%   46.57%   91.91%
OWB 23.04%   39.60%   69.77%
DWB 6.62%   49.62%   100.00%
WBtM 16.71%   70.78%   68.73%
IM 100.00%   41.47%   18.89%
OIM 94.42%   22.36%   10.23%
DIM 94.42%   61.54%   27.05%
IMtW 88.07%   36.05%   24.86%
nW 45.48%   20.84%   34.91%
OW 38.14%   8.79%   18.03%
DW 38.14%   27.36%   48.55%
WtM 57.42%   25.32%   28.41%
DFW 40.64%        
tDFW 40.64%        
Other FtW          
Ratingcontribution per position
  central attack wing attack
  passing scoring wing passing scoring
CDtW     24.61%    
nWB     50.64%    
OWB     61.81%    
DWB     32.35%    
WBtM     27.93%    
IM 34.30%     21.82%  
OIM 50.97%     21.62%  
DIM 23.12%     14.03%  
IMtW 23.93%   49.39% 27.15%  
nW 10.93%   85.44% 20.97%  
OW 14.26%   100.00% 24.58%  
DW 5.51%   72.34% 17.29%  
WtM 15.57%   56.38% 13.27%  
FW 36.86% 100.00% 18.05% 11.55% 21.23%
DFW 62.98% 61.55% 12.41% 21.48% 10.94%
tDFW 62.98% 61.55% 12.41% 27.93% 10.94%
FtW 26.08% 60.79% 54.20% 17.06% 42.73%
Other FtW         17.43%
source: Flattermann

Central Players

How much your central players will contribute to the ratings depends on the number of players playing in the center of that part of the field. 

number of central players defence midfield attack
1 100,00% 100,00% 100,00%
2 96,54% 93,52% 94,80%
3 87,36% 82,65% 81,90%
source: Cirlama

Factors before the match

The factors named below also influence your matchratings at all time. They are probably the most important factors besides the players themselves.

Type of trainer

trainer defence ratings attack ratings
defence minded 119,6% 92,8%
neutral 105% 105%
offence minded 92,8% 113,5%

The type of trainer influences in a large part your defense- and attackratings.
Which effect your trainer has on the rating can you see in the table on the right.

source: Flattermann

Chosen Tactic

tactic rating part factor
AOW central defence 85,8%
AIM wingdefence 85,4%
PC whole defence 93,1%
counter midfield 93%
LS whole attack 97%
LS midfield 95%

A number of tactics also cause a penalty on some ratings.
The height of this penalty is shown in the table on the right.

source: Flattermann


1 + 0,0525 * [confidence]

The higher the confidence level, the higher the attack ratings. You can use the following formula for calculating the influence of confidence on the attackratings:

source: GM-Mjoelnir


teamspirit midfield rating
paradise on Earth 142,5%
walking on clouds 136,6%
delirious 130,4%
satisfied 123,8%
content 116,6%
calm 108,7%
composed 100,0%
irritated 90,0%
furious 78,2%
murderous 63,2%
Like in the Cold War 39,9%

The higher the teamspirit, the higher the midfield rating. You can use the following formula for calculating the influence of teamspirit on the attack ratings:

[teamspirit] ^ 0,418
source: Flatterman

This leads to the table on the right (taking 'composed' as 100%). As you can see, teamspirit is very important factor for your midfield.


Match attitude

Besides all the previous numed factors, you can set up an attitude for every official match.

For PiC: 84,0% * [all the other midfieldratingfactors]
For MotS: 111,0% * [all the other midfieldratingfactors]
source: Flattermann

Home advantage

Because the attendance backs the home team, the home team will get higher midfieldratings. In a derby, the away team will also get a part of the bonus
The height of this bonus is calculated with the following formula (taking the away team as 100%):

For the hometeam: 120,0% * [all the other midfieldratingfactors]
For the away team in a derby: 111,3% * [all the other midfieldratingfactors]
source: Flattermann

Factors during the match

During the game thera are also different factors that can influence your matchratings.
When they arise you can find here. Here we only explain what the influence of these factors is on the ratings.


When underestimation happens it will be always be shown in the matchreport. Sometimes the effect will partly or totally disappear during halftime. See here for more info. Underestimation only has an effect on your midfieldratings. The influence can be estimated the best with the following formula:

[all the other midfieldratingfactors] * xx%

The height of x depends on the confidence of the underestimating team, their match attitude, and the difference in points between the teams.

source: hatricpassie


With a large lead, it is possible your team starts concentrating more on defending instead of scoring more goals. When pullback happens, it will always be shown in the match report. This event influences the defence- and attackratings. From the moment this event happens, the ratings will change with these percentages:

attackratings: [all the other attackratingfactors] * 80%
defenseratings: [all the other defenseratingfactors] * 115%

This means your attack ratings will drop 20% and your defence ratings will increase 15%.


organisation minimum loss maximum loss
solid 1% 5%
passable 6% 10%
inadequate 11% 17%
weak 18% 24%
poor 25% 34%
wretched 35% 47%
disastrous 48%  

Confusion has an influence on all ratings. How big this influence is, depends on the level to which the organisation drops.
In the table on the right you can see what influence the loss of organisation has on the ratings.

source: Redeker


In important matches there can be some confusion in the last 20 minutes due the low experience within the team.

This event will be shown in the matchreport at all time and starting from that moment the ratings will be the following:

[old rating] * xx%

The height of x depends on the greatness of the. This depends on the difference in experience between the two teams.

Source: hatricpassie

Midfield decides chances

In the text above you've learned a lot about how the ratings work . But it's also important to know what the influence of these ratings on the match will be. For the midfieldratings, this is the ball possession, which in turn influences the distribution of chances.

With the following formula you can calculate possession:

[midfield team A] / ( [midfield team A] + [midfield team B] )

When you know the possession, you can calculate the chances (per cyclus) of a scoring chance to be for your team:

[possession team A] ^ 2,7 / ( [possession team A] ^ 2,7 + [possession team B] ^ 2,7 )

Based on this formula this graph was created, showing your the chances of a scoring opportunity to be appointed to your team.

Attack versus defence

We just explained what the midfield ratings do, but what will the attack- and defenceratings do?

If you set the attack ratings against the defence ratings, you can calculate the scoring chance. You can do that with the following formula:

[attack team A] ^ 3,5 / ( [attack team A] ^ 3,5 + [defence team B] ^ 3,5 )

Based on this formule, you can create the graph below. The different lines show you the height of the defence ratings. By looking at the attack ratings, you can see what your scoring chances will be.

Tactical rating

The last thing you see at your match ratings is the tactical skill. Unlike the previous mentioned ratings we aren't able to show the effect of tactical skill in a formula. What we know is that tactic skill is placed against the average of the primairy skills of all 22 players on the field. The stronger your opponent (but also yourself), the higher the tactical skill you need to have the same effect.