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A player's loyalty to the club influences his performance. Players with high loyalty will show more effort and thus perform better.

As you can see above, a player's loyalty level is displayed together with his skills and characteristics. This player has divine loyalty.

Gaining loyalty

Loyalty consists of two aspects: Mother club bonus and player bonus.

Mother club bonus

Players who have been playing for the same club since the start of their career (youth players and those players who were in the team when it was founded) receive a mother club bonus on top of their player bonus. It is easy to spot these players by the red heart displayed next to their name on the player page. A player who has been sold and re-bought will not receive mother club bonus.

Player bonus

After his arrival at his new club, a player will increasingly identify himself with the club as time goes by. Therefore, his loyalty will increase. The player's loyalty reaches the maximum level after 336 days. Youth players start with divine loyalty.
Sold players lose their accumulated loyalty and start to build new loyalty at their new club. A re-bought player will also start building loyalty from scratch, even if he had divine loyalty at the same club in the past. However, when a player is sold and bought by the same club his loyalty will not be reset.

Loyalty is updated continuously, so it does not require a daily or other update to have a visible increase. Moreover, these visible increases do not take place after exactly x days but rather after x days, y hours, and z minutes. For example, it takes 22 hours and 21 minutes to go from disastrous to wretched loyalty. Therefore, the exact time of the transfer determines when there is a visible increase in a player's loyalty.

Retrieving the exact transfer moment
  • Visit the player's transfer history.
  • Click the star next to his last transfer.
  • At the bottom of the cheating report you will find the exact time of the transfer.


This formula is used to calculate loyalty:

Loyalty = 19*(d/336)^0,5
d = days since transfer


Level Days Hours:Minutes
Disastrous 0 00:00
Wretched 0 22:21
Poor 3 17:22
Weak 8 09:03
Inadequate 14 21:25
Passable 23 06:27
Solid 33 12:10
Excellent 45 14:34
Formidable 59 13:38
Outstanding 75 09:23
Brilliant 93 01:48
Magnificent 112 14:54
World class 134 00:40
Supernatural 157 07:07
Titanic 182 10:15
Extra-terrestrial 209 10:03
Mythical 238 06:31
Magical 268 23:41
Utopian 301 13:30
Divine 336 00:00

Impact on performance

Player bonus

A player with maximum loyalty will perform as if all his skills (excluding stamina) are 1.0 level higher.
For example: John Doe has outstanding scoring skills, weak winger skills, and solid passing skills, and he has divine loyalty. In this case, he will perform as if he has brilliant scoring skills, inadequate winger skills, and excellent passing skills (and non-existent loyalty).


The size of the bonus is dependent on the player's loyalty and is calculated with the following formula

Bonus = Loyalty/19
Use the right values in this formula!

Table Loyalty Bonus

Level Min Max
Disastrous 0,0000 0,0525
Wretched 0,0526 0,1052
Poor 0,1053 0,1578
Weak 0,1579 0,2104
Inadequate 0,2105 0,2631
Passable 0,2632 0,3157
Solid 0,3158 0,3683
Excellent 0,3684 0,421
Formidable 0,4211 0,4736
Outstanding 0,4737 0,5262
Brilliant 0,5263 0,5788
Magnificent 0,5789 0,6315
World class 0,6316 0,6841
Supernatural 0,6842 0,7367
Titanic 0,7368 0,7894
Extra-terrestrial 0,7895 0,842
Mythical 0,8421 0,8946
Magical 0,8947 0,9473
Utopian 0,9474 0,9999
Divine 1,0000 1,0000

Mother club bonus

Players with a mother club bonus receive an extra 0.5 level bonus on top of their player loyalty bonus.